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Protect your online business from Bot Abuse, Form Spam, Content Theft & Web Scraping.

The ShieldSquare team, who had already spread its arms across 4 countries by the time they reached out to us, was looking for a website to be designed keeping an international market in mind. The idea behind such a website was to maximise lead generation which, in turn, would also provide for digital presence through branding channels.

ShieldSquare Logo

Maximizing number of conversions

Of course, what business wouldn’t aim for 100% conversions? Duh.

We tried to think of a website with relevant Call-to-actions (CTAs) wherever required to lead a visitor to contact the ShieldSquare sales team.

We also wanted the website’s hero section in the homepage to talk about the important value additions their product was meant to provide keeping the UI aspect uncompromised. This thought process allowed us to come up with an idea to showcase real time number of bots blocked by their APIs and the number of web pages protected so far to attract the attention of the visitors.

Mapping out the wireframes

Over 56 wireframes drawn targeting specifics

The above ideas and initial thoughts had to be articulated and represented to the client for other pages of the website. We went through various iterations to finally freeze on the designs that the website went live with.

  • ShieldSquare Contact Screen
  • ShieldSquare Plan Screen

A more focussed header with sliding type messaging

The same thought process of representing core strengths of ShieldSquare in a not-so-conventional way, we used sliding type messages to eliminate the redundancy of textual elements.

ShieldSquare Home Page

Revamped documentation for easy integrations

The interface for the clients were designed to allow user friendly documentation and effective SDK integration.

ShieldSquare Get Started Page

Final thoughts

Our sales went up by 40% after the website went live and we are growing faster than ever. Great enthusiasm for providing good work in Think201 team.

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