Zeal & Ayuda
A wedding planner website


Zeal & Ayuda is a wedding planning company in United Kingdom which caters to its users various wedding services. The final outcome expected was to have a website design which connects well with its users conveying brand’s values right.

Alisha (Founder of Zeal&Ayuda) had reached out to us after having a bad experience working with another team who could not translate her vision into beautiful product. 

Our challenge was to bring the glitz and glamour of wedding into website design and yet not making it look flashy.The outcome achieved speaks for itself and we thank Alisha for trusting us with our designs and for giving us full freedom to experiment.

"Thank you to the team for doing an amazing job so far! "

"I initially hired someone from the UK based on a word of mouth referral. The company did an awful job.
Whereas with Think201, the first call was about 20 minutes & within 12 hours they were able to deliver a beautiful website design which was exactly how I'd imagine it to be. Since then we have proceeded onto further work. "
Alisha PateL

Brand Questionnaire

Brand’s vision and values are understood by conducting survey with major stakeholders. This step helps us discover the preferences for the brand effectively. 

Grey Scale Prototyping

Designing a greyscale layout  keeping in mind the answers we discovered in the previous step puts us one step closer to what we all wanted to see as a final outcome.

Final Designs

Designers breathe in life to the narrative crafted in grey scale phase by adding color, tones, textures and importantly choosing the right typography bringing the final outcome.

Final Outcome

The interfaces which captured the vision of the brand in a subtle way delivering the value what client was seeking for can be seen below.

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