Case Studies

Every client has a different problem to solve and our team has always tried its best to find the best solutions to those problem statements. We have tried to showcase couple of case studies of our engagement with our clients below. If you are intrigued to find out more, feel free to drop by our office.

Some case studies for the following projects

Wanna Thank You

Wanna Thank You

WannaThankYou is a social platform which aims to make gratitude a part of lifestyle by thanking people who has helped us or the world in one way or the other. It’s mantra is to “Pause a moment, praise that someone and express your appreciation”.

1525 Commits 2,45,000 lines of code
Wanna Thank You

ShieldSquare is a cyber-security company that allows their customers to protect their website content from bots by using ShieldSquare’s bot detection tool, block bad bots and stop web scraping.

400 Commits 2150 lines of code

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