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InstaSafe Secure Access Solution

Instasafe Secure Access is a cloud delivered cybersecurity service, that protects high risk applications, against existing and emerging threat vectors.



Tab approach

We replaced the collapsible navigation with tabs in order to efficiently use the space, and also to eliminate redundancy.

The tabs themselves serve as headings, thereby eliminating contextual heading usage. A tab is a user-friendly option while compared to the collapsible navigation, because, every time we had to access navigation, we were bound to click on the collapsible navigation, which was time-consuming and disorderly.


Dark theme

The interface is designed in such a way that, where a user wants to use the platform in a low-light situation or during the night, he can easily switch to Dark Theme.

The theme dims the screen and lets you work with warmer colors which are easier on eyes. There was no such option previously, and we introduced this theme to let the users get a seamless experience throughout.

Few Components That We Revamped

instasafe Popup style forms
instasafe Improvised Table based listings

UX enhanced Login form

Basic Style Guide For Different Components

We wanted the platform to be more interactive, and thus, focused on designing Empty State, which is most of the time ignored by the designers. We also introduced basic buttons for an organized experience.


Not Giving a Chance for the Users To Be Confused

instasafe instasafe

We designed a portal which can be understood by any user at the very first look by providing maximum details all at one place. The user experience has been improved by multiple times, and the platform now encourages users to interact with Instasafe conveniently.

We created a brand system that captured Instasafe's many moving parts. The end result was simple and intuitive.

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