Celebrating 11 Years
Celebrating 11 Years
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Implementing Right To Education Act In 7+ States

RTE Paradarshi is a technology-infused solution to implement the Right To Education Act across various states. We have implemented tech solutions for this cause for Uttarkhand, Odisha, Jharkhand, TamilNadu, Chhattisgarh, Tripura, and Bihar and we continue to expand this across many other states working with IndusAction on this mission.

Services provided

  • Web App Development
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What Did We Build?

A web application that has complex user flows which involve various user roles namely testers ( freelance testers), company admins, and clients ( products who wish to get their product tested). The web application has all the functionalities that are required to engage its user as well as tackles the operational challenges via technology for primes.

Web Application

Web Application

Technologies used

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What Was The Ask?

To develop an application that could digitize all the legs involved in the RTE act implementation process. This means building features that could get schools to register, and update seats dedicated to the RTE act quota. Students and parents are able to register via the website and see their application status and also view seat allocation results once the lottery algorithm is run.

The most important task was to build a solid architecture that can handle customizations when implemented in other states.

What Was The Ask?

Key Challenges Solved


Handling Students Registrations at Scale

Designing the architecture to scale the application & handle 1L+ student registrations concurrently is one of the key challenges we solved.


Lottery Algorithm Optimization

The lottery algorithm has been optimized several times even after its successful implementation to improve it continuously. It currently is optimized to generate results in 10mins to-process data sets of 1L+ students across 10K schools.

UI/ UX Sneak Peek

Case Study SneakPeak

Admin Flow

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Technical Solutions

A glimpse of features developed

  • Think201 Solutions Check Apple Sign in
  • Think201 Solutions CheckPromocode
  • Think201 Solutions CheckApple Pay
  • Think201 Solutions CheckPaymentGateway Integration
  • Think201 Solutions CheckSocial Sign Ins
  • Think201 Solutions CheckPodcast Integration
  • Think201 Solutions CheckSubscription Plans Management
  • Think201 Solutions CheckCommunity Forum

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"We are able to see tremendous response on student registrations and there have not been any significant on-field issues in operating the platform so far. Really glad to see the applications going seamlessly. Thanks to Think201."

Mayank Mittal

Managing Director - Oprimes