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Building web applications which works is easy, but building it to scale is a very hard job. Choose us to get this right the first time & we lay the foundation strong enough for you to go global. Our diverse team delivers the output by blending years of experience in building technology solutions skilled in various predominant technology stack. 

Understanding Domain

Before we get started, our first step is to understand the domain of your product/service. This helps in making right decisions later.

Requirement Documentation

Our skilled team breaks down your product idea into a neat detailed requirement document creating user stories & actions​

Validate Designs

We emphasize on taking feedback on designs completed from early adopters helping you validate your idea

Ideation, Brainstorming

We hear about your product idea, its mission. Getting to know “why” you want to build the product & ideating on major decisions

Design First, Develop LateR

We take design first road to craft beautiful interfaces for the requirements identified demonstrating you how the final product.

Develop, Deploy, Iterate

We work in smaller sprint cycles of “develop, deploy & iteration” to make your web application ready for the market

Choose the right technology

A very important decision for you to take for real reasons & not for it being trendy

Check out our work

The EatGood Club

Web application developed for UK market to order meal preps & take aways. The application is feature-rich & also is a PWA


Web Application that enables MDM functionality for enterprises
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Frequently asked questions

A web application runs on web browser and involves a storing & retrieving of user information. If your idea requires users to create user account, set up profile & do many such database read write operations, its a web application.

Choosing right technology requires intense experience as well as exposure towards building applications. Your choice of technology should be solely focussed on whether it can serve the purpose rather than blindly following the market trends. 

It’s hard to put an ideal timeline for developing web application since each idea is different & the priority features vary based on the phase of development. To address this, we follow shorter sprints to ensure “Go to Market” will always be our important strategy.

From being a technology partner for the product to having dedicated teams for the product for a period of time, we can work in models that works for you. 

We work in billable model for developing the product.

These are our most frequently asked questions

Our clients say

I am honoured to have Think201 build Coursebook. You guys are really brilliant and hard working and nothing is impossible for you guys.
Timothy Vadde
Founder, Coursebook
We are able seeing tremendous response on student registrations and there have not been any significant on-field issues in operating the platform so far. Really glad to see the applications going seamlessly. Thanks to Think201
Chirag Maheshwari
Indus Action
With Think201, the first call was about 20 minutes & within 12 hours they were able to deliver a beautiful design which was exactly how I'd imagine it to be. Since then we have proceeded onto further work.
Alisha Patel
Founder, Zeal&Ayuda
You guys have always been a wonderful team to work with.As a client of yours, I fully endorse your service. Thanks for everything you have done for Campmonk
Amit Shetty
Founder, Campmonk