Chrome Plugin Development

Chrome Extension Development

Encourage user interaction without requiring them to be actively using the app with a Chrome extension


Advantages of Chrome Extension

Clients choose to partner with us for our proven track record of building scalable web applications with efficient processes along with intangible experience that we bring.

Build Small, Scale Later

Build Small, Scale Later

A chrome extension could be a easier way to seek validation of idea without investing much too early

Increased Visibility.webp

Increased Visibility

Aids in extending product's visibility directly into users' browsers, where they spend a significant portion of their time



Users can access your product's features directly from their browser, eliminating the need to navigate to a separate application

Our Work

Harnessing the power of various models right suited for your business to amplify results



Create chatbot applications that are intuitive, intelligent, and scalable using our development services. Our solutions are designed to understand conversation content effectively and deliver experiences that feel human-like to customers


Belongg Chrome Extension

Used to analyse the research papers/content submitted by the user and provide relevant analysis and suggestions


ABCD Chrome Plugin

The ABCD Bookmarking Tool is a browser extension that will enable behavioral and topic experts to seamlessly contribute knowledge materials and insights to the ABCD Knowledge Repository ( This tool enables collaboration with experts across a range of topics and geographies, as well as facilitates the scaling up of data collection efforts by crowd-sourcing knowledge materials on behavioral insights.

Why Us


We bring a decade of experience in building apps using trial tested processes.

Read how the last year 2023 went for us overall

Business-centered Approach

Each decision is made keeping your product success in mind. From Design to deployment, everything is geared towards business strategies.


Emphasis on UX & UI early on laying a strong foundation for the product’s usability. Design process leads the path to development.

Best Development

Experts in building micro-services for the product that empowers code quality, easy maintenance in the future.

Importance to Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance goes hand in hand across all phases of project execution.

Expertise in Cloud Infrastructure Deployments

Industry standard practices in DevOps followed with CI/CD pipelines & SonarQube audits in place.

Expertise in Cloud Deployments

Expertise in AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean for handling deployments.

Technology We Use

Tech Stacks

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating an accurate cost estimate for developing a Chrome Browser Extension depends on several factors, including app complexity, UI/UX design requirements, feature set, and more. Therefore, it's essential to develop a comprehensive scope document to determine the project's scope and requirements accurately.

You/ Founding team owns the codebase and all other aspects we create during the course of development of your product. We are here to help you realize your idea into MVP only.

We have AMCs in place that suits the needs of each product and this kicks in post develo pment