IDEATION & EVALUATIONProduct Idea Evaluation

Having an idea is great, but validating it before you build it is even better. We help you in validating your idea & assessing its viability even before you invest time & efforts in it. This service of ours will help you see your idea through a practical lens backed with data driven insights.

Who is this for?

This is for everyone who has an idea & enthusiasm to pursue it. Whether your idea is in its nascent stage or ready to pivot from its current goal, we are here to help you to do it with a much more practical approach.

How does it Work?

Idea validation is a framework that is derived from our enriching experience of developing products & seeing them succeed as well as fail. It is not a one size fits all framework, but rather a unique approach with a fundamental rule of questioning “Why” at every stage.

We help you validate your idea by combining one or many of our approaches to come to a conclusion.

Our Approach

We help you validate your idea by combining one or many of our approaches to come to a conclusion.

01Articulate your Idea

This phase begins with understanding your idea, questioning the assumptions, analysing market friction points & helping you to see the unseen in product building journey much ahead.

02Speak to the right audience

Seeking family and friends will not get you the right critics. We validate your idea via surveys & informal interviews by narrowing down your target audience based on our research.

03Assess market size & share

We would help you gauge how the market size & share looks by conducting competitor analysis. It is this which reveals how much of a market share you could potentially capture & explore USPs of the product in comparison to what already exists.

04Mock it before you make it

“Picture speaks a thousand words”. We would help you make a clickable design prototype that mimics the product’s workflows to tell your story. This has proven to be an efficient way to validate your idea with minimal effort yet yielding maximum results.

Experience & Impact


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Our TEAMWhy Choose us?

  • We are the team who have experienced the product’s journey technically as well as from a business perspective.
  • We have been in the business of building products for a decade now, helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams.
  • We are confident in charting out a viable product roadmap considering all the aspects that need to be looked into before jumping into development.

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Frequently Asked Questions
I have an idea in mind, how do I know if I need a web app/ mobile app?

This service is all about knowing your idea better & then moving towards deriving what has to be built.
We would help you make that call backed with data .

How much of an involvement does this service need from me?

Please note, we like to work as a collaborator & not as a vendor. We’d like to discuss, collaborate & make your product work as a team. We would need you to be there throughout the journey actively participating with us.

How long does it take to validate an idea?

It usually takes a minimum of 2-3 weeks & may vary in each case. The deciding factor would be the target market, the complexity of the problem you are trying to solve.

How can you help me if I have validated my idea & am ready to build it.

We help you with design & development as well. Please visit our services to know more about it.

I have a product which is live. However I have trouble reaching my end goal. How can you help?

We do provide consultation services where we understand the problem & bring experts advice to address the issues.
Know more about it here.