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Product ideas are hypotheses unless validated. Reach out to us to help you do this right. With a finely refined process & validated techniques, we keep MVP success at its core to what we do. Let’s breathe life to your idea.

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Best suited for Solo-Founders, Non-Technical Founder, First Time Entrepreneur

What to expect

If you are a first-time entrepreneur/ solo-founder / Founder who doesn’t come with a technical background, this service of ours serves the best. Your idea can be in any state - napkin sketch/ pitch deck / simple one-liner, let our team help you grow it to the full-fledged product going through following phases

Our Process

This phase begins with understanding your idea, questioning the assumptions, analyzing market friction points & helping you to see the unseen in product building journey much ahead. We would also help you decide what is the best technology to be used to build this idea of yours in this phase.

This involves our team to study if there are similar products/ideas in market space, study their current phase & what learnings we need to know while building similar products. This phase is all about learning the latest lessons of the domain. This is the phase that surfaces up the operational challenges for the product to succeed in the market based on current conditions.

One of the many best things we do is advocate what are the features that are “must to have” v/s “good to have”. We understand the excitement of yours to build an awesome product, but remember “Rome was not built in a day”.Our team ensures to scope product features minimal enough for the MVP stage to help you validate your idea.

Our design-first approach would further take a lean methodology of design, validate, iterate, build technique. With an application like a clickable prototype in hand, we get more scope for validation much before building the whole product.

The most important phase is the development phase to finally see the idea to evolve into a functioning web/ mobile app. We follow the shorter sprints cycles & incorporate QA in each and every step of the product building process. Our skilled engineering team would ensure the product is developed to the latest industry standards of technology as well as conforming all security checks that it requires early on.

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Iterative Mindset

Build. Validate. Iterate - Mantra we follow across all services

One-Stop Solution

From idea to execution, we have expertise across all fields necessary for your product to succeed

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A diverse team who is skilled in solving challenges, building great products

High Benchmarks

Proven records of delivering high-quality results

Growth Mindset

We work with you & not for you enabling growth mindset for everyone involved

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