Product Prototyping

As we like to call “Mock it before you make it” - the concept of prototyping always help founders dry run their product before they choose to invest their time and capital heavily on it.

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Types of Prototyping

At the end of the day, a product is built for users and if they are not the centre of the complete design and development process, a product wouldn’t be doing justice to its customers.


User Persona Creation

E-Commerce Applications






The prototype drafts are shared on a password protected URL and the Founders can leave their comments/feedback on the URL itself for our UI/UX experts to see and revise accordingly.


Our “Prototyping” Process

  • End User Research and conceptualization
  • Wireframing
  • UI/UX Research
  • Prototyping

Our prototypes are interactive giving an experience of a real website or mobile app which can be used to test run among the target audience as proof-of-concept.

Case studies

Some of the most recent projects we've been working on

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