PeopleMarch 30, 2018by Anurag Rath

A Day of Fun, Leisure, and Crazy Stunts – Thinkers at Area83

Having started 2018 with a bang with the release of 2 products (OpenThreads and Echoza), the Thinkers decide to take a day off, staying true to their motto, “Work Hard, Play Hard”.

And what better way to unwind and enjoy, than to go to an adventure resort and let out the inner Tarzan? So the Thinkers head to Area83, seeking fun and adventure.

To add to the excitement, the Thinkers also get their cool new swag – The first ever Think201 t-shirt-


All geared up, they reach what seems like the perfect blend of nature and fun. Greeted by the extensive grey wall alongside the contemporary reception area, the team kick off, and the rest is better witnessed than said. So here are the highlights from the Thinker’s Day Out at Area83-