Celebrating 11 Years
Celebrating 11 Years

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Do Not Disturb (DND)


Open culture, no cubicles, no hierarchy & young and energetic minds who are always hungry to do new things.

We at Think201 operate with a principle of ‘Get Sh*t Done’. This principle has fetched us great results but also posed a very trivial problem -too many unplanned interruptions among team members.

Everyone has their own forte, all of us wants to do better than what they have achieved. Seeking an opinion/help from peers was the first thing that came to all of our minds.

Where the problem started-

Without a second thought, we all felt free to approach anyone from the team at great ease. Focusing on the bigger picture of doing only best, we all did overlook the fact that everyone needs some undisturbed time to do their best.


Just a three letter acronym DND!
Our motto was only to avoid unplanned interruptions in the name of collaboration. We never wanted to stay unreachable to our peers, but all we wanted was to respect each others time.

DND <time duration> helped to solve this with great ease.

Our team uses Do Not Disturb (DND) wisely to get into the zone and stay undisturbed. At the same time, this has been helpful to plan our reviews and brainstorming discussions.

It’s indeed proven, not all problems need a complex solution.