Friday- Fun Learning

Friday Fun Learning- Think201

Think201 has considered Fun as a synonym for Learning, ever since its inception. This Friday, a fun activity was organized and led by the ever-enthused team – Yashaswini, Vedh, and Archana at ikigaiHub.


The prime purpose of the Fun Day was to break the ice between the cross-functional teams. The activities also elucidated the importance of effective communication in a workspace.   

The activities, Communication Origami, Picture Pieces, Blind Drawing, and Three Truths and a Lie, brought unlimited fun and immense learning.  After each activity, the hosts explained its purpose which predominantly revolved around team-building and communication skills.

At the end of all the activities, the thinkers gave their feedbacks on the Fun Day, and it was crystal clear that everyone enjoyed them and was glad to gain a better insight into the team.


Finally, everyone wrote about their experience as a thinker in Think201 on sticky notes and stuck it on ikigaiHub walls. The hub which was first filled with roars of laughter, soon brimmed with emotions when our CEO Anurag read out the notes from the walls.