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Celebrating 11 Years
Celebrating 11 Years

Secret Santa Brings Joy To Think201 Again This Year!

Secret Santa Brings Joy To Think201 Again This Year!

Surprises, uncontrollable laughter, unlimited happiness, hide and seek the gifts, peppy music, guess games, excitement and more- yes! That’s how the Holiday Season was celebrated at Think201 this year.

Secret Santa was a much-awaited game this year and we are not lying, but it turned out to be the best way to bid our farewell to 2018, and say our hellos to the Holiday Season and a New Year!


Ever since the announcement was made about Secret Santa, everyone at Think201 remained excited trying their best not to reveal their identities to their angels. On the day of the game, every thinker put in their best efforts to hide the gifts in the most unexpected places in our workspace that it almost looked like every thinker was a given a tour of our own space.

As the popular saying goes, “the journey is beautiful than the destination”, the whole process of seeking for gifts in every nook and corner filled the room with roars of laughter.


The essence of the game was maintained until the end, that no one was able to tell with surety who their Secret Santa was. With every gift that was opened, several guesses were made which made the game all the more fun!

The Think201 family has always made it a point to celebrate every major occasion, to have a fun gathering, and to find the right balance between work and fun. This celebration for Holiday Season gave an essence of awesomeness and we are looking forward to having a kickass New Year!

The Think201 Family sends you cheerest wishes and warmest greetings for the joyous holiday season.