That’s how we have started !!

Like most great ideas, Think201 was envisioned in a college dorm room. With IT boom reaching its pinnacle during 2005-06, every Engineer has a simple and single goal. Good CGPA and MNC with fat paycheck. Well, almost EVERY.

A burning passion to break the trend and achieve something which others cannot achieve brought together few young minds. Those minds are fervent for design, technology & entrepreneurship. Result – “NeoVerve Technologies”. A student powered Startup for the students. A string of student empowerment and recreation gigs later we graduated. Both from the college into the real world and to the next level of entrepreneurship. Armed with earlier experience and enough fuel to reach the moon, I began my venture into deeper waters. Fresh of the college into corporate world, I kept low for 2 years. Two years of learning and redefining life. Understanding the intricate yet unspoken laws which define the workings of this concrete jungle and working my way up the corporate ladder.

In early 2010, Think201 has become a reality. A quiet and small spark. Just my trusty laptop, strong Wifi and few contacts to start. My days, at the quiet cubicles of a tech giant. And my nights were dedicated to my dream. Scraping every minute I can to build Think201. Parallel to weekend parties came the breakneck working spree. Finally, I felt its time to take the leap of faith. The secure day job is not my support nor the cushion to break the fall I fear I might have. It was the shackle which was stopping me from reaching my potential. Summer of 2013 came the day when I left my comfortable ticket towards future to build my own highway. Today Think201’s wings took me to new heights. Still more to go…