PeopleSeptember 12, 2018by Anurag Rath

Thinkathon 2018:Questioning Everything for Creating Something Awesome!


We don’t stop growing, because we don’t stop thinking. This year, Think201 in association with ikigaiHub organized Thinkathon 2018, an event to encourage the Thinkers to come out of their comfort zone and to provide innovative solutions for the given social theme.



Think201 has an open office culture and has seen many ideas appear quite unexpectedly. With every idea that blooms, so does our growth. Thus, Thinkathon 2018 served as a perfect podium for the Thinkers, to brainstorm, to think outside the box, to be as innovative as possible and to exploit technology and find solutions for the social causes.



What unfolded during the event was beyond anyone’s foresight: an excellent dedication and coordination among the team members, the thirst to beat the rest and be the best, and the use of technology as creatively as possible.



Of the five teams that were formed, each one of them excelled uniquely in their ideation and presentation. The winning team will soon be making their idea into reality, and we cannot wait to see their design become a part of our products.

Think201_Thinkatho2018 Winners

Here’s a sneak peek into our Thinkathon 2018-