Thinking Back to 2018


14 Jan by Think201

Thinking Back to 2018

“Growth is a spiral process, doubling back on itself, reassessing and regrouping”

Think201 has put in continuous efforts, grown stronger, evolved, succeeded, and shined—not without our lessons from several challenges, hurdles, and mistakes that have helped us reach new heights and set new records. Along with our continuous efforts towards transforming ideas into reality through technology and design, 2018 has been a year of good news for us, and we bring it all to you.

Noteworthy Milestones of 2018

  • Echoza Launch

As much as we have remained an ever-evolving squad, our dynamic team launched an in-house product called Echoza this year—a real-time error tracking and reporting tool built for websites, web applications, and mobile applications.

  • Founded ikigaiHub: Experiential Learning Programs
ikigaiHub logo

Think201 has branched out its services to mentor fresh graduates, students, job seekers, and also business owners and founders by inaugurating ikigaiHub, a comprehensive learning center that offers a wide range of courses in digital marketing, full-stack web development, quality assurance, and UI/UX design.

  • First Launch: Rebranded
First Launch logo

Marking its one-year anniversary, First Launch has rebranded this year to intensely symbolize what it strongly believes in: growth.

  • Contribution to Open Source Community
Open Source Community illustration

As you already know, technology runs in our blood and veins, and as a contribution to the open source community, we have created and published 2 Laravel packages and 4 WordPress plugins for the developers’ community this year. We intend to create and share our work with the community more aggressively in the coming year as well.

  • Launch of LaunchPad: The First Launch Influencer Network
LaunchPad - First Launch Influencer Network

First Launch also launched a program called “LaunchPad”, a platform for Influencers to be part of First Launch network. Our influencer network has already acquired influencers worth over 10 lakh followers across varied industries such as fashion, travel, fitness, food, etc., in channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

  • Think201 Supports NGO initiative
Think201 for Non-profits

After having crossed half a decade successfully since Think201’s commencement, this year we took a major step forward towards giving back to society. We have started a Think201 Supports NGO initiative, where Think201 and its ventures First Launch and ikigaiHub, provide service to NGOs and not-for-profits at discounted prices. This year, we served 5 NGOs, building their presence through website and web app development and digital marketing services.

  • ikigaiHub Portal Launch
ikigaiHub Portal

To allow learners to make the most of our bootcamps and, in fact, beyond them, we built a portal for ikigaiHub where learners can access all the learning materials and find job openings from among our Partner Companies.

The unique approach adopted by the ikigaiHub, be it in the space, online portal, hands-on learning, has been widely appreciated by the learners, and we have had learners come back to attend other Bootcamp programs as well.

Within half-a-year of its commencement, ikigaiHub has almost 10 companies from various industries as its partner companies.

  • First Launch achievements

First Launch has been growing with it’s network and reach in digital space. The growing team is striving to consistently and incrementally provide value to its clients. It has acquired aggregate of over 3.5 lakhs Reach, 93,000 Website traffic, and 2000+ Leads across all of it’s clients this year.

When we are growing, every little step forward is an achievement, and we have seen many of them this year. This would not have been possible if not for the strong team that we have and all the well-wishers who have been supporting us through and through.

We are already excited about the New Year, and we can surely say we are absolutely ready for some more growth because our thirst for evolving is a never-ending one.

With the aspirations of humblest growth for 2019, Think201 wishes you

“A Happy and Prosperous New Year”.

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