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Celebrating 11 Years
Celebrating 11 Years

Why effective communication is important in workplace?

Why effective communication is important in workplace?

In the modern day work place where the dynamics changes every 4 hours, it can be difficult to cope up if you do not follow few important parameters. When we decided to make the list required excel in a start-up culture, Communicating Effectively came right on the top of the list.

The result was not surprising for us. Given below are some of the primary reasons on why effective communication is important in pretty much in every situations of life.

1. It helps you to make your point clear

Many times we have come across a scenario where we want to say something and we couldn’t make it clear to our co-workers. Or at times it happens that we have said something and it was incorrectly interpreted by others. What is the solution to it? The answer is to state clearly your opinion and intentions.

If clear from your side, the other person would get exactly the same message you want to put across.

By the way communicating effectively doesn’t mean using Shakespearean English, it should be plain, crispy and simple. That’s it. Jargons are a strict NO.

2. It helps you understand the other’s person view clearly

We must understand communication is always a two way process. If you think that communication is all about you doing all the talking and using your words like a magician, then I am sorry you have figured it all wrong.

You need to understand what the other person is telling. Sometimes an effective communication can be listening to what other person is saying and processing the information. Even if the other person is not clear, you would be able to get the message if you are a good listener.

3. It avoids argument and confrontations

Starting from Macbeth to World Wars to the arguments and fights that we see in our workplace, if we dissect each one of them we would see that somewhere the root cause was lack of communication.

If you have done a mistake, stand up and say, “Hey I have done the mistake”.

If you have a problem with the working style of your colleague or something is bothering you about the work culture, just say, “I have a difficulty with this”.

In this way you avoid future misunderstanding, save everyone’s time and you get respect.

4. You would always win the negotiation

This one is our favorite.If you are making a sale for company, you need to clearly communicate the pros and cons of your service or product and why the price you are charging is right.

If you are able to do the above things correctly, we assure you that you would be walking away with a successful deal most of the time. And believe us, we have been there and done that.
No points for guessing the trick behind a successful deal. It’s always communication.

5. You avoid assumptions

Assumptions are bad, a really bad thing in the world of business.

It doesn’t really matter if you are writing beautiful codes or you are into client engagement. If you assume something without knowing the facts and figures then it shows the lack of communication skills.

This is also one of the main reason is why we end up delivering a Donkey to the client when the client specifically asked for a Mule. Why is that? We never listened to what the client trying to say. And yes, the excuse is, “we assumed”.

Hope you got the message.

6. Makes your work place more transparent and increases productivity.

The key to make an everlasting transparent work place is to communicate properly. Everyone knows what is happening; company financials are out in the open for the employees to know. It helps in identifying bottle necks and increase productivity.

7. You learn to say NO

Common you must understand that even superman has the kryptonite. At the end of the day you cannot say yes to everyone and everything. People who communicate effectively say NO when it is required. When you say NO to the unreasonable things that then three things happen, People respect you, you are no longer being a pushover and you are at peace of your mind.

As we have said earlier, we at Think201 love our quotes and coffee. Here is another quote that came out from the corridors of Think201.

Heard in the corridors of Think201. “If you want to go big, then communicate”.