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Celebrating 11 Years
Celebrating 11 Years

Working with Think201

Working with Think201

It’s’ been 2 and a half months since I have started working at Think201. Specifically speaking 87 days. More specifically speaking it’s 2,088 hours and even more specifically speaking it’s been 125,280 minutes and counting. But out of these 125,280 minutes, not a single minute has gone by where I haven’t learnt anything.

Let me start my story with a little flashback.

A simple boy from Gandhinagar Gujarat, on one fine day, decides to move on with his life to learn something and to pursue his career into Digital Marketing decides to move into ‘Bengaluru’.

With only 6 months of work experience and apparently with “very less knowledge about digital marketing” he got rejected in 5 consecutive interviews. Poor fellow!

Then he decided it’s now or never and if he doesn’t get selected in the next interview, he would never return to Bengaluru.

He gathered all his courage and confidence and went for another interview, which he finally cleared. And the company that he got selected for was Think201. And that day he learnt the lesson of self-confidence and power of hope. The hope that Think201 gave him. (Got too heavy and emotional huh?)

But yeah, let me share 3 incidents on how working in Think201 really is.

1. Fall in Love with your startup (Brand/Company)

“Hey!! We will put the Think201 sticker on all the systems, on the fridge, on the writing board and everywhere”.

That was the words of Anurag, Founder & CEO of the Think201. That day I realised that running a startup is like a mother’s love for her baby.

2. Culture is Everything

“We are proud of our culture here in Think201. There’s no hierarchy or bossy environment”.

I hadn’t worked in such a liberal environment earlier. In Think201 the world was upside down to me. But the support I am getting from my colleagues is tremendous. A company is not being remembered for its profit or turnover in the long run, but by its culture.

3. Sense of Belongingness

In other companies, you an employee are treated as a liability to the employer. If you are stuck, you better get moving on your own and if you rise, the credit goes to your boss.

But in Think201, if you are stuck, you see someone or the other being there to pull you out and help you. If you rise, you can eat the whole credit-pie alone and that’s where you feel that you belong here.

And that my friend was all about being here and working with Think201.

“Once a Thinker, always a Thinker”.